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An Update from SALT:

The Valley of Decision by Christian Holmes author Shannon McDermott is making its way around the web! See its listings, reviews, ratings, and interviews with author Shannon McDermott on Goodreads, Kirkus, Amazon, and a number of blogs.

We've also got a few fun things to add to the novel's page, including a map of lands mentioned in the story, a character name pronunciation list by the author (because there's always a hint of mystery in how really to pronounce fantasy characters' names), fun facts and more. Those are on the way!

Keep up with Shannon McDermott by liking her on her Facebook page here.

And see the Valley of Decision page here.

- the team at SALT Christian Press


What's New:

03/23/14 - SALT News page updated: announcing a Summer Leaves (by Shannon McDermott)  special deal - Summer Leaves FREE on Amazon from March 20th-24th!

02/26/14 - SALT News page updated: announcing a Christian Holmes (by Shannon McDermott)  special deal - Christian Holmes: Inspection FREE on Amazon from Feb.24th-28th!

07/09/14 - SALT News page updated: Progress Update for The Valley of Decision by Shannon McDermott has been posted announcing the release of the novel! Also in the update: Shannon's blog interview with Anne Elisabeth Stengl, author of the Tales of Goldstone Wood series, praise from the Prism Tour and the announcement of publisher Jim's virtual walking bookselling tour (we kid you not).