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An Update from SALT:


It's been almost a month since the last of the reimbursement checks were mailed to those who still had issues left in their subscriptions. As SALT Magazine falls farther and farther into the past (it's only been, like, eight months since we shut it down but doesn't it feel like forever?) we are looking ahead more and more toward the next chapter of SALT Christian Press, which begins with the upcoming publication of The Valley of Decision...

The Valley of Decision is a fantasy novel written by Christian Holmes author Shannon McDermott. It has recently received a Kirkus review, its own page here on the site and a completed front cover by Meghan at Myristica Studios. We're still in the thick of pre-publication work: getting quotes for the printing, designing the back cover... even constructing a book trailer.

As for future efforts, we intend to focus much more on book publishing now that the magazine has been shut down. We hope to re-design this website to reflect that shift. We also think it'd be fun to have a YouTube channel for book trailers, podcasts or whatever else we might happen to dream up (none of that is reality yet but we'll be working on it).

For you our past SALT Magazine subscribers, we want to say again how encouraging the letters and emails from those of you who wrote to use were as we closed that chapter of SALT. Thank you. Of interest to you perhaps, is that also on the table is the construction of a new website where Jim and Cindy can write new articles, post old ones, and where a family blog can be kept. They also wish to write another book someday, if it's God's will. Being discussed as well is the transfer of some of the magazine's past issues into a format that will allow them to be carried and sold here, on Amazon or wherever.

And now it's time to wrap up this update. Until next time, take care and God bless.

- the team at SALT Christian Press


What's New: 03/7/14 - Cover Reveal! See the cover of Shannon McDermott's upcoming fantasy novel The Valley of Decision.


02/22/14 - SALT News page updated: announcing the upcoming publication of Christian Holmes author Shannon McDermott's fantasy novel The Valley of Decision.

8/30/13 - SALT News page updated: SALT Magazine's Farewell issue has been mailed. Click Here for some quick info on that, as well as to see the cover and table of contents.

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