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Hello again! The big news here is that fantasy novel The Valley of Decision is now officially released! It's available here at our store and on Amazon, in both hard copy and Kindle. It's also recently been reviewed by the bloggers of the Prism Tour. Also posted there are some Q&As with Shannon McDermott, the author of the novel.

“Valley of Decision is a masterful tale of fantasy, friendship, and redemption. It is sure to inspire as well as entertain all those who read it.” - Sarah Holman, Author of Adventures and Adversities

In further news, Jim, the owner of SALT Christian Press, has announced his plan to sell The Valley of Decision all along the route of his up-and-coming walking tour of the United States... virtually speaking. Not real-world speaking. His wife has misgivings about a real-life walking tour but they both agree that virtually it's okay. They're very excited about it, and Jim says that though he doesn't know what the world record for a virtual walking bookselling tour is he's pretty sure he's going to get it. Log in to Facebook and like the SALT Christian Press page to keep up with Jim's progress. We'll also be posting occasional updates here.

Finally, is now up and running! We only ask, as you look around, to please pardon our cyber-dust (for instance, the home page reference to an article archive that doesn't currently exist). We're still getting it all put together. At least now you fans of the past magazine have some hope that it really is getting a website of its own.

Thank you all for stopping by again. Have a blessed day.

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What's New:

07/09/14 - SALT News page updated: Progress Update for The Valley of Decision by Shannon McDermott has been posted announcing the release of the novel! Also in the update: Shannon's blog interview with Anne Elisabeth Stengl, author of the Tales of Goldstone Wood series, praise from the Prism Tour and the announcement of publisher Jim's virtual walking bookselling tour (we kid you not).

05/27/14 - SALT News page updated: Progress Update for The Valley of Decision by Shannon McDermott has been posted. (Includes a review and endorsement by author Sarah Holman, announcements for the giveaway and blog tour, and general information on the novel and author.)

05/17/14 - SALT News page updated:  Christian Holmes story Sweet Green Paper by author Shannon McDermott for only 99 cents off Amazon May 16-18.