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An Update from SALT:

Check out our most recent release: Cards - an Eternities Novella, by Shannon McDermott. The story centers around a young fugitive named Tav who has a fascinating talent for controlling objects with his mind. He tries to hide his ability, but sometimes it's not so easy. Then, one day, he's discovered...

It's an enovella - only $2.99 on Amazon. Check it out!

Besides that, we at SALT Christian Press are working on updating our site: getting up a product page, a Cards page, adding to The Valley of Decision Fun Stuff page, etc. Beyond that, we accidentally remember now and again that we have a Facebook page. Let's get that thing up and rolling!

Have a great autumn, everyone.

- the team at SALT Christian Press


What's New:

12/11/15 - The Valley of Decision Fun Stuff Page updated: added a Character Name Pronuciation Guide.

11/07/15 - The Valley of Decision Fun Stuff Page updated: added a Cast of Characters page.

3/23/14 - SALT News page updated: announcing a Summer Leaves (by Shannon McDermott)  special deal - Summer Leaves FREE on Amazon from March 20th-24th!