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Here at SALT Christian Press we publish a variety of books, from non-fiction works on aspects of the Christian life to clean, exciting fiction tales. Our most recently releases are fiction by Shannon McDermott: epic fantasy novel The Valley of Decision and sci-fi intrigue novella Cards.

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Last updated: 3-28-2014.

SALT Christian Press started with a small, black and white, single column magazine named SALT. The owners, Jim and Cindy McDermott, published this little magazine for almost fifteen years, watching it grow in both circulation and quality. They occasionally published books as well during that time, such as their own authored work “The Christian Family: in the world but not of it” and A Heart for Adoption author Terri Cooney’s “The Truth About Sex: the mystery of the covenant, till death do us part... Do You Get It?”, but their main focus had always been on SALT Magazine. However, in 2013 they decided to shift direction: they said goodbye to their magazine and concerted their efforts on book publishing, starting with Shannon McDermott's The Valley of Decision (coming May 31st).


Since closing down the magazine, SALT Christian Press has released four enovellas by Shannon McDermott: Inspection and Sweet Greet Paper, both from the enjoyed Christian Holmes series first published in SALT Magazine, and The Sons of Tryas series volumes I and II (The Beauty of the Lilies and Summer Leaves). Check them out here on Amazon, their author's Goodreads page or for more information.


What's next for us at SALT Christian Press along this new road, following our recent change of direction? (Okay, so it's been eight months. But it feels recent... except for when it feels like ages ago.) For one, we would love to get a YouTube channel for book trailers, podcasts, or whatever else we should happen to think up. Secondly, we'd like to have a website where publishers Jim and Cindy can post old magazine articles, write new ones and keep a blog. But for now we're focused: The Valley of Decision, by Shannon McDermott, coming summer 2014. Check it out!




Valley of Decision is a masterful tale of fantasy, friendship, and redemption. It is sure to inspire as well as entertain all those who read it.

  • - Sarah Holman, author of Adventures and Adversities

  • -------------------------------

The Valley of Decision transports its readers into a fantasy world as rich and authentic as Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings... McDermott’s characters and storytelling are not only credible, they are totally enthralling, imaginative, and original.”

- Dr. Brenda Ayres, Director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Writing, Liberty University

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The prose also frequently achieves a gentle cleverness... A solid fantasy that wears its spirituality lightly yet effectively.”

- Kirkus

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Shannon McDermott is a promising young author who has created an intriguing story with strong plotting and character relationships. Readers who enjoy thinking below the surface of a novel will find much to think about here.”

- Janie B. Cheaney, Sr. Writer, WORLD Magazine